UFOz 1.1.1

Out-of-this-world alien spaceship screensaver


  • Lots of alien effects
  • Full version allows you to customize alien features


  • Free version is limited


H.G. Wells famously wrote, "The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one - but still they come," in War of the Worlds.

He would no doubt then whole-heartedly approve of UFOz screensaver which, as the name suggests, brings an out-of-this-world screensaver experience to your Mac. UFOz is a quirky space screensaver that will appeal to any UFO fan or enthusiast. It comes complete with stars, planets, and of course, visitors from another world in their weird flying machines. The free version includes a alien flying around in his "sports" flying saucer, demanding that you take him to your leader. However, if you register with the developer for $5.00 you get additional features like more UFOz, and, er, alien speech.

Don't go exploring the galaxy for aliens. Bring them directly to your dekstop with UFOz screensaver.



UFOz 1.1.1

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